Solutions for Small & Rural Transportation Organizations

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Practical + Straightforward

We designed our technology alongside volunteer organizations for ease of use and practicality for all drivers and dispatchers, including seniors.

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We Love Rural Locations

Built with the challenges of rural transportation in mind. Our mobile apps continue working even if cell or GPS signal is lost.

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Complete Technology Solution

Our transportation management system enables dispatchers and drivers to work together seamlessly, reducing wasted effort and human error.

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From trip start to end, our mobile app facilitates all aspects of the driver's trip. Typically drivers fill out paper vouchers as a record of proof that the trip occurred. Our app completely replaces any paper voucher and reduces driver workload and errors.

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All aspects of trip management are handled by our secure, easy to use web based software. Dispatchers can automate many routine maintenance aspects of vehicle and training management. Moreover, real time tracking of trips provide overview and immediate situational awareness.

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Many dispatchers spend time talking with riders, trying to track down information such as driver location and trip confirmation. Our technology facilitates and eases the burden of providing up-to-date information to riders. At the end of the day our technology allows more riders to get to more appointments on time.

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