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Android Mobile App

We developed our mobile app in tandem with real life volunteer drivers. They have tested our apps and provided critical information about usability and what features were important to them. It is easy to use for both younger drivers as well as more senior drivers who may be more uncomfortable with mobile technology.

Check out our Mobile App Data Privacy Policy for info on what volunteer driving data we collect and how we use the data to improve services and the user experience.

  • Usability

    Driver buy-in is a large part of running a successful volunteer organization. If technology feels like a struggle, or difficult to use. People simply will not do it, or perform a poor job. We want to limit this stress and provide technology the enhances the driver's experience while making it easy to complete trips and keep track of the driving they have done in the past.

  • Trip System 

    Our app enables drivers to start a trip, pick up and drop off riders and their guests independently, deal with no show riders, enter personal mode, and end trips. All of these actions are accomplished effortlessly from the apps main page. We help drivers reduce errors by only providing actions that can currently be accomplished. For example a driver can not drop off a rider if there is no rider in their vehicle.

    Easy menu options and data entry give drivers the ability to quickly navigate throughout the app and input data as they complete their trips. Ending a trip asks the driver to use their finger to sign attesting that they have faithfully completed the trip and the data entered is correct to the best of their knowledge.

  • User Profiles

    Drivers have easy access to their user profile which keeps track of the trips they have done, their miles and reimbursements. Additionally drivers can also mange their vehicles by uploading insurance and registration documentation. This helps your organization ensure that driver's vehicles are not putting your organization at legal/funding risk.

Web Application Software

Dispatchers are responsible for the difficult job of managing both riders' and drivers' expectations. There is no reason to not have good technology at their hands to help facilitate their job. We developed the logic and usability of our dispatcher software with real life dispatchers providing constant feedback.

  • Manage Trips

    Creating trip schedules and managing drivers in real time gives dispatchers a means to ensure clients have been picked up and if need be assign new drives to unscheduled trips the same day. Our goal is to provide dispatchers with structure when created planned trips for the following days, but to also allow fluidity and the ability to adapt when changes need to be made in real time. Having access to real time information, as well as being able to act on that information within our software is paramount to trip management success.

  • Vehicle Management

    Vehicles play a critical role. Most of the vehicles being used are owned by volunteer drivers. However, it is still critical that vehicles need to have valid registration and insurance. Our software gives drivers and dispatchers the tools to update vehicle information and documentation as well as other location specific regulations that must be managed by the organization, e.g. training or vehicle inspections.

    We help dispatchers ensure vehicles are valid, by giving drivers advanced notification of vehicles about to become inactive due to lapsed insurance. If a vehicle does not have current insurance on file our software flags the vehicle as inactive and the driver will not be able to select it, nor will dispatchers be allowed to assign trips for this vehicle until its status is active.


  • Billing and Reports

    Many trips are funded by programs such as Medicare and other government and private funds. Some trips and riders are valid for some programs but not others. Our software makes adding programs with rules about which riders and type of trips are eligible is simple. Once a trip is completed and attested by the driver, our software automatically generates reports and records that can be used to submit trips to funding agencies for reimbursement.

    We offer many other types of reports as well. These include information about drivers, trips, yearly, quarterly and monthly financials. Your organization generates a lot of data, we make it available to you as raw data, or in easily digestible reports. We want to empower you with your data and give you information that allows you to make the best business decisions when you need too.

Security is Paramount

Today there are many instances of data breaches and loss of data. We take this problem very seriously and have engineered our technology to be secure. We work following the highest standard security documents: NIST 800-63 as guidelines. Additionally we also use third party organizations to test and report on our security. We do this to make sure our technology is not an easy target to break into.

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