Our Mission

To provide affordable, practical, and straightforward technology for rural volunteer transportation organizations. Also by empowering our partners to provide rides to the millions of citizens with limited or no access to transportation, thus minimizing missed appointments and increasing access to everyday life essentials. Finally, we want to build deep, long-lasting relationships with our partner organizations.

Make Healthcare Appointments

Many studies and research have shown that a significant number of missed appointments can be attributed to lack of access to transportation, both public and private. This is especially true in rural areas as distance, time and access to public transportation all contribute to the barrier. Our software facilitates driver-client scheduling and reduces the likelihood of missed appointments.

Provide Access to Everyday Essentials

Seniors and disabled individuals have a tougher time with essentials such as grocery shopping and getting to healthcare appointments. This issue is only compounded in a rural setting where the closest store might be many miles away and there is no public transit to take you there. Community driven programs are essential to connecting at risk individuals to necessary services. And staying connected keeps people healthy and happy.

No Signal? No Problem!

Almost all transportation software will stop when there is a loss of signal. It's understandable as most software was designed for use in metro areas. We have developed our technology with the needs of rural areas in mind. Even while operating in areas with poor cellular service, drivers will be able to continue entering trip information. When service returns, this information is seamlessly sent to dispatchers.

The Current Story

Living in a large city has many benefits. Your healthcare specialist is minutes away. The grocery store is down the street. Friends and family are often close by to help. Public transportation and taxi like services are prompt and plenty.

Unfortunately these everyday benefits many metro based Americans take for granted are inaccessible, or difficult to reach for people living in rural areas. Especially senior citizens, cognitively and visually impaired people. Many Americans can not easily access every day needs due to transportation being not readily available. This issue will only grow larger and larger as our senior population continues to grow.

Luckily there are community driven volunteer transportation organizations willing to take action. We are here to support them with technology. Our software is built specifically for their needs and helps them serve an ever increasing number of riders. This is our goal and we will succeed. Because we have the desire, the expertise, and the help of our volunteer transportation partners and friends who do these trips every day.